What is robotization? Technology that takes jobs away from people?

We invite you to reflect. What would have happened if we had held back on drugs in case they took doctors out of work? And the emails to the postmen? There are many fears that are usually generated by new changes, but putting an end to them is when you evolve digitally.

We currently live in a moment in which technology forces us to constantly update ourselves, since it is a field that advances without rest. We can say that this has not only modified the way in which society relates, but it has also modified the way in which we work.

Technological innovations cover all sectors, from agricultural land to aerospace engineering, which has allowed us to evolve and improve the quality of life for many.

In the business field, there are many actions that can help us evolve digitally. If we focus on something specific, taking into account the objective of facilitating tasks and results, there are processes such as Robotic Process Automation –RPA-, Cognitive Technology and Artificial Intelligence that help optimize time and improve work productivity.

What does an automated process actually do?

Well, to begin with, these processes allow routine and repetitive tasks to be carried out that the worker can use to dedicate to another activity. On the other hand, it provides greater precision than that of the human being, being able to make decisions that reduce failures in this type of task.

Ultimately, At Teralco Group we strive every day to transfer all these technological innovations in order to bring you the latest news and trends that will make your company achieve the success you are looking for.

Among our current solutions, we have a new RPA software called “Rogier” designed and created by our experts. Its objective? Optimize business time. As? Automating repetitive tasks that will improve the investment of time in different areas of action.

Don't get left behind, evolve digitally and increase your productivity!

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