Software for the retail and commerce sectors

Connect with your customers
There are many digital solutions that can be applied in your business to level up and be able to take advantage of data and technology for the profitability of your business.

retail software

Gmanage and control your sales channels, logistics, products and much more to arrive with success to the end customer thanks to technology.

Apply Innovative solutions to improve efficiency and enhance the scalability of processes, giving a competitive advantage, as well as transforming the buyer's experience and reinforcing profitability with the digital transformation in the retail and commerce sector.

Let yourself be carried away by digital evolution in Retail and Commerce

Improve the experience

Personalize the offers to the client by anticipating their needs and giving tailored recommendations.

predict the actions

Take advantage of data analysis to predict habits or preferences and offer them personalized promotions.

digital allies

The Internet is not the enemy of physical stores but an ally thanks to showrooming and webrooming.

Automate processes

Eliminate manual and repetitive tasks by automation to create orders, assign leads, publish offers...

Take advantage of innovation

Continuously adapt and develop new products, personalized services for your customers.

Increase accessibility

Access real-time information on demand from anywhere to strengthen your brand and make smart decisions.

Use omnicality

So that the consumer can take advantage of all the existing channels to buy when and how they want.

Analyze and optimize

View dashboards in real time, with the ability to generate detailed reports on the fly and streamline tasks and save time.

Digital transformation consulting
to achieve guided goals
by expert professionals

We help you in the complete process of digital transformation of commerce and retail, to optimize costs, times and decisions. New technologies are revolutionizing the way of developing traditional business strategies and plans, adapting to the demands of a increasingly connected buyer.

Regarding the retail sector, 90% of companies in the retail sector have a defined digital strategy. In addition to the presence on the Internet, the implementation of analysis technologies is added to develop skills and processes that optimize production. Retail companies are at the forefront in the application of artificial intelligence tools, chatbots or online shopping, which greatly improve your profitability.

The wholesale and retail trade has found in the digital ecosystem the necessary tools to grow and increase its sales. The digital transformation has contributed to the increase of online presence, a better user experience and the use of data analysis to personalize services and optimize processes. One in five Spanish businesses has already reached digital maturity, this advance in digital transformation in commerce It represents a competitive advantage over the rest.

From Teralco Group, as digital transformation consultants, we provide innovative and personalized solutions to traditional problems for the digital transformation of companies.

Projects that guarantee our success in Retail and Commerce

Mano Mano
Own application development for the management of promotional campaigns in the marketing area.
Maintenance, optimization and development of customer service application to provide a better service.
Web application to facilitate the strategic and automatic planning of the delivery of stock of Adidas products for El Corte Inglés.
Analysis and segmentation of clients with a unified vision and the possibility of exporting to carry out different actions.

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