Customer Management Program (CRM)

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We integrate Salesforce and adapt it to the needs of your company. We improve the efficiency and enhance the scalability of your CRM to obtain the best results.
More than 40 projects implemented
We have developed more than 40 projects with a high success rate for our clients thanks to our high knowledge of technology and the support we provide in adapting to change.
We adapt to your business
Thanks to having a highly specialized team in custom implementations, we can develop practically any requirement that arises.
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What is the client management program or CRM?

A CRM customer management program is a technological solution focused on customer relationship managementas well as business strategies. In this customer management tool we can collect valuable information about contact data, business situations, sales funnel reports and also integrate it to prepare and update the personal information of customers or potential customers.

Thus, companies can be connected with customers, optimizing processes, improving profitability and driving business growth. This results in customer loyalty and satisfaction.

In an increasingly competitive and dynamic business world, the effective management of
Customer relations has become a fundamental pillar for success. To get over
challenges and achieve your goals, you need a CRM (Customer Relationship) customer management program
Management) that helps you boost your operations and maximize the value of
each customer.

Advantages of CRM customer management program

Custom development | Teralc | Technological consulting - Digital transformation for companies

Optimize sales and improve profitability

 Identify and classify candidates quickly and accurately with our digital solutions to be able to trace all the necessary actions from a single application.

Process automation | Teralc | Technological consulting - Digital transformation for companies

Improve your products or services

Thanks to obtaining data from different sources in a single cloud tool, you will be able to improve your products or services, since you will know your customers better.

CRM | Teralc | Technological consulting - Digital transformation for companies

Increase your income statement 

You will be able to have a more detailed vision of the information of your clients and in this way you will be able to identify and cross opportunities.

SalesForce | Teralc | Technological consulting - Digital transformation for companies
Improve efficiency and scalability
We carry out an analysis of the systems and processes of each company, detecting deficiencies and points of improvement to offer the most optimal technological solutions. That is, we adjust the configuration of the Salesforce platform to the real needs of each company until we achieve total customization.

CRM customer management program to get your business off the ground

Projects escalated to other Salesforce platforms (Support, Marketing, Analytics, Community...)

Multidisciplinary team with experts in Business Intelligence, Big Data and Behavior Patterns

Optimal combination between experience and closeness

Specialists in complex integrations to ERP systems and other corporate applications

Development of extra functionalities

Experts in Apex, Salesforce's own language

Make with us the digital transformation of your company

Close more contracts with your clients

Your sales team will be able to quickly and accurately identify and classify candidates to be able to trace all the actions from a single mobile application: emails, calls, budgets...

Improve your products or services

thanks or obtaining data from social networks, online chat, calls... You will have a more complete vision of what your customers want and their perception, which will allow you to improve your offer.

Increase revenue and referrals from existing customers

The sales team will have a complete view of each existing customer and will use this information to identify up-sell and cross-sell opportunities.

Analyze and optimize your performance

through panels, which offer a real-time view of your company with just a glance, with the possibility of generating detailed reports at the moment. Make decisions with the power of analytics.

Projects that guarantee our success in CRM

Optimize the commercial cycle, standardize sales processes of your commercial network of distributors.
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Definition of a better commercial management operation to optimize the day-to-day management of loads.
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Comprehensive monitoring of the relationship with customers thanks to the implementation of the Salesforce CRM.
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We simplify budgeting and centralize incident management thanks to Salesforce.
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Do you want to know more about CRM?

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is a strategic approach and a set of practices and tools designed to manage customer relationships. The client management program is based on the use of software and technology to collect, organize and
analyze relevant information about customers, with the goal of improving customer satisfaction, driving sales and fostering customer retention.

Customer Information Management

The CRM allows you to centrally collect and store detailed information about customers, such as contact details, interaction history, preferences, previous purchases and any other relevant information. This provides a complete view of the customer and helps to better understand their needs and expectations.

Automation of the sales force

The CRM provides tools for automating tasks related to sales management. This includes features such as lead management, contact tracking, meeting scheduling, quote generation, and deal tracking. These features allow sales teams to work more efficiently and collaboratively.

Customer service and support

CRM makes it easy to manage customer service interactions and requests. It allows the follow-up of cases, the registration of claims and the assignment of tasks to the members of the support team. Additionally, workflows and automations can be established to ensure a timely and efficient response to customer inquiries and issues.

Marketing and customer segmentation

CRM helps develop and execute effective marketing strategies. It allows customer segmentation based on characteristics and behaviors, which facilitates the personalization of communications and offers. It also provides tools for emailing, campaign management, results tracking, and effectiveness analysis.

Analysis and reporting

CRM offers analytics and reporting capabilities to assess sales and marketing performance, as well as understand customer behavior and needs. These tools provide key data and metrics, such as conversion rates, sales by channel, customer satisfaction, and sales trends, helping you make data-driven decisions.

Collaboration and team management

CRM facilitates collaboration between team members, allowing information sharing and effective communication. You can assign tasks, set reminders, and collaborate in real time to provide better customer service and close deals.

Integration with other systems

CRM integrates with other business systems, such as billing systems, inventory management systems, and accounting systems. This allows greater efficiency and synchronization of data in different areas of the company.

It is important to note that CRM can be adapted to different industries and types of business, and can be customized according to the specific needs and requirements of each company. In addition, data security and customer privacy protection are crucial aspects of CRM implementation.

A CRM is a technological tool designed to help you manage, analyze and improve your interactions with customers. It offers a comprehensive view of each customer, from their preferences and behaviors to their purchasing and communication history, giving you
allows you to customize your strategies and provide exceptional service.

Efficient Customer Management: With an advanced CRM, you can centralize and organize all your customer data and records in one place. This makes it easier to access important information and streamline administrative tasks, allowing you to provide quick and efficient responses.
effective to the needs of your clients.

Process Automation: A modern CRM allows you to automate routine tasks, such as tracking sales, sending follow-up emails, and managing calendars. This saves your team time and reduces the possibility of human error.

Advanced Personalization: With the ability to collect and analyze detailed data about your customers, you can create highly personalized offers and communications. This increases customer retention and improves customer satisfaction.

Improve Internal Collaboration: An effective CRM is not only beneficial for your sales and marketing team, but also improves collaboration between different departments of your company. Everyone can access the same up-to-date information and collaborate on
projects more efficiently.

Advanced Data Analytics: With cutting-edge data analytics capabilities, you can gain valuable insights into market trends, customer behavior, and campaign performance. This allows you to make more informed and strategic decisions.

We understand the importance of a CRM solution that adapts to the unique needs of your company. Our cutting-edge CRM offers a number of features and benefits to help you boost your business:

Total Customization: Our CRM solution adapts to your workflow and the needs of your company. It doesn't matter if you are a small growing business or a corporation
global, we can customize it for you.

Simple Implementation: We ensure that the implementation of our CRM is quick and seamless, minimizing interruptions to your daily operation.

Expert Support and Training: We offer expert technical support and comprehensive training to ensure you take full advantage of all the capabilities of our CRM.

Top-notch Data Security: Your security is our priority. We use cutting-edge security measures to protect your data and the privacy of your customers.

Scalability: Our CRM can grow with you as your business expands, ensuring you're always one step ahead.

In short, a cutting-edge CRM is an essential investment for any company looking to stay competitive and offer exceptional service to its customers. We are committed to helping you achieve your business goals and optimize your customer relationships. Ready to take the next step? Contact us today and discover how our CRM solution can transform your business!