Database management

Take advantage of the data to optimize the management of your business
We discover the power to transform your universe of data into intelligent technology. We treat and analyze providing real value to the data to achieve the best digital transformation in companies from all types of sectors.
Analyze your data through expert consulting
We are a leading analytical consulting company, specialized in extensive data analysis using predictive and prescriptive techniques. We are firmly committed to R+D+i and we use tools to guarantee the quality of the technological development of our projects.
Trust professionals with experience in data and analytics
We started in the world of business intelligence in 2006 to respond to market demands and offer innovative solutions. Thanks to our experience, we differentiate ourselves by providing decisive analysis that contributes to an effective management of your data.
Like you, we are focused on results thanks to the FOCUS methodology
Our consultants will help key workers in your company to develop new skills to integrate data into the decision-making process, ensuring the alignment of all employees with this technological change.

What is database management?

When we talk about data projects we refer to all digital challenges that are included in the areas of data lakes, analytics, big data, artificial intelligence, dashboards, marketing performance and intelligent platforms. Data solutions provide companies with information that will often help them make decisions aimed at a specific result. 

How do you arrive at an optimal data study? It depends on the problem of each company, a different technology will be applied to find a personalized solution, through different visuals, dashboards, tools, platforms or even specific reports. This information is very valuable and it can guide more productive actions by identifying problems in a more understandable way.

Advantages of database management

Agile and safe decision making

Data analysis helps organizations take advantage of their data and use it to make decisions based on the behavior of our customers or potential customers. This results in smarter business moves, more efficient actions, higher profits, and happier customers.

market anticipation 

Know our clients or the Running our company in detail will give us a better understanding of the demands for new products and services that meet the needs of customers.

Database Management Solutions

At Teralco Group we can help digitally transform your business, as well as improve positioning, enrich intelligence processes, provide digitized services, implement marketing strategies, achieve value solutions, etc. And all this through the different solutions that we have such as Data Lakes, Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Dashboards, Marketing Performance and Intelligent Platforms.

Transform your data into information giving your organization a strategic advantage. In addition, it optimizes the interpretation of data in real time, projecting a visualization of the universe of your company, to facilitate the understanding of a huge amount of information and data. Thus, you will be able to analyze your data and your business to guide it towards a more efficient model.

Improve the positioning and service of your company thanks to technology.
Discover your universe of data and transform it into intelligent technology.
Get valuable solutions and enrich intelligence processes.
Manage your company's information in an accessible and interpretable way.
Implement marketing strategies to differentiate yourself competitively.
Creates a work environment oriented towards the provision of digitizing services.

Successful projects in database management

Custom dashboards to analyze TV audience data.
Information visualization portal with dashboards that provide data to different users.
Development of a global marketing performance panel applying attribution models and generating a data layer that facilitates decision making.
Analysis and segmentation of clients with a unified vision and the possibility of exporting to carry out different actions.

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