Software development

Quality and innovation match in our projects
More than 40% of our computer resources are allocated to the control and automation of quality processes to achieve the best results in each of our projects.
we finish what we started
We adapt to any type of framework thanks to the development of customized software for each business, releasing versions a few weeks after it starts.
Highly qualified team
Our software development team is multidisciplinary, with a high methodological component based on the combination of good practices and agile development methodologies.

What is custom software development for companies?

El Custom software development for companies is the process of creating a digital solution, be it a website, an application or a standalone tool to cover or solve a problem. A highly specialized team participates in the creation of solutions which, after gathering the needs of the project, is in charge of making a technical proposal and executing it after its approval.

In this Teralco Group unit we can start completely from scratch to build a solution or work on a project already in progress. The versatility of our professionals allows us to cover a wide variety of projects from different sectors and achieve success in each of them thanks to experience.

Advantages of custom software development

Project customization. We can find a solution whatever the challenge that comes our way. We adapt 100% to your needs using the most appropriate technology in each case.

Tailor-made technical equipment. We create personalized teams or squads according to the needs of the project. In this way, we have different profiles that provide different visions, but work in unison and in a cohesive way with the teams of your company.

Easy integration. Since the software is custom-developed for you and your company, it will integrate naturally with the IT infrastructure you have used up to now, thus having great adaptability.

Custom development solutions

As for the custom software development, we have a very wide variety of digital solutions given the personalization of the custom development service. Even so, we could highlight three large blocks of specialization. Tailor-made consultancy with which we are able to obtain the necessary information to detect the needs of a project.

Carry out your digitization process in the hands of a company with more than 20 years of experience.

No sooner said than done. We bring technology, experience and knowledge to software development.

Traceability and certification solutions through Blockchain technology.

Successful projects in custom software development

Improvement of your Repsol Waylet App to make any payment at service stations.
Application for the management of public consultation of both health services and general contracting.
Custom development of the new company page.
Mano Mano
Own application development for the management of promotional campaigns in the marketing area.

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