Did you know that only 20% of companies are committed to an advanced digital transformation?

Advancing in the digital field allows companies of any sector and type of business to update, strengthen and meet their needs.

At Teralco Group we are aware that we must facilitate technology, both in terms of usability and support, therefore, with the aim of increasing the technological level of industrial SMEs and services to industry through the implementation of new electronic technologies. , computing and communications, TEIC; we joined the Kit Digital program as Digitizing Agents.

In this program, innovative solutions are implemented for small businesses, micro-businesses and self-employed workers, belonging to any type of business so that they can optimize and grow their businesses digitally.

At Teralco we have several facilitators. One of them is to optimize customer management through CRM technology. Among its many advantages:

  • Allows you to close more contracts with your clients: Identify and classify candidates quickly and accurately. 
  • Increase revenue and referrals from existing customers: Gain a complete view of each customer and use it to identify up-sell and cross-sell opportunities.
  • Improve products and services: Obtaining data from different sources (social networks, online chat, customer calls, etc.) and thus be able to have a more complete vision of what your customers want and how they perceive your products and services, which It will improve your offer.
  • Analyze and optimize your performance: With the panels you can have a real-time view of your company with just a glance, with the possibility of generating detailed reports at the moment. 

In addition to this, we have RPA process management systems. This technology emulates human execution of repetitive processes through existing user interfaces, supported by existing infrastructure governed and controlled by IT. It replaces repetitive and business rule-based tasks across multiple applications.

Among its wide range of benefits it allows:

  • The reduction of costs and operational risks: Errors decrease, as well as the value derived from them.
  • Flexibility and simplicity: You do not need to have programming knowledge.
  • Accurate metrics: Data is stored that can later be analyzed.
  • Greater productivity: Work flows are improved, without losing quality.
  • Release of monotonous tasks: Employees can dedicate themselves to tasks of higher value.

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