Teralco CRM successfully implements Salesforce for the Raminatrans Group

[box] Today, a CRM is an indispensable tool for any company, that’s why 91% of North American companies with 10 or more employees already have CRM systems, and 50% of sales teams reported that they improved their productivity with a CRM software.[/box]

Companies who do not install a CRM in their sales team lag behind their competitors. And so as not to fall to this fate, the Raminatrans Group, a multinational specialized in international transport and consulting services for foreign trade, has relied on Teralco CRM.

In Teralco CRM we integrate the world leader in CRM, Salesforce, and adapt it to the needs of each company. To consolidate the digital transformation of the Raminatrans Group, our specialists Javier Sempere and Darío Fuentes have developed a customized implementation of Salesforce Sales Cloud with which the company will work worldwide. We have thus fulfilled the companies objective of abstracting the complexity of budgeting logistics services, granting independence to their commercial network, and improving efficiency and scalability to obtain the best results.

To put this project in motion, last Tuesday, July 2 in Valencia and Wednesday, July 3 in Madrid, the Raminatrans Group held training sessions, in which they presented the new CRM to its main future users: salespeople, heads of department and heads of delegations.

They were joined by Teralco CRM, who attended the event to support internal teams on adapting to this change effectively, and providing them with subsequent autonomy in the management of the tool. To do so, Ana Gilabert, director of the CRM area of ​​Teralco Group provided training on the key functionalities of the platform. 

The technical training that the Group’s internal IT team received, is the start of a new way of working for the entity. What differentiates Teralco CRM, is our presence during the entire life cycle of a project. We support the client from the consulting and implementation stages of a project, to employee adaptation. We treat, unify and integrate all the members of a company to facilitate joint business insights, without technical or technological barriers.

[box] A new way of working for the entity requires new skills, and Teralco CRM supports internal teams to adapt to change effectively, autonomously and without technical barriers.[/box]

The project carried out by Teralco CRM has been well received by the entire Organisation. During the training day in Valencia, Rafael Milla, president of Raminatrans Group, said that new technologies are the future and stressed that the company’s strong investment in this area should involve the entire team.

During the session in Madrid, branch managers from Vigo, Castellón, Sevilla, Algeciras, Bilbao and Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, all agreed on the opportunities that arise from this implementation. And the commercial directors Mª José González and Toñi Romero assured that the Salesforce CRM was a decisive step that would mark the future of the group, improving their resilience, competition and effectivity.

We are very pleased with the success of this project, and the positive reception by future users of the tool. Teralco CRM are Gold Consulting partners of Salesforce, and are a flagship company in the implementation and adaptation of this technology to different organisations accross numerous sectors. For more information on our digital transformation projects, and how the world No. 1 CRM, Salesforce could benefit your company, do not hesitate to get in touch by filling out our contact form. We will be happy to help!

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