How to land your dream job in a technology company

Technology is one of the professional sectors with the greatest projection for the coming years. The wide range of opportunities, together with the lack of specialized professionals capable of meeting the growing demand, means that more and more people are interested in learning and working in this sector.

The Technology sector has one of the most active labour markets in the world, and has been classified as the leading sector in emerging professions and innovation. Working conditions in technology companies are usually substantially better than average: good contracts, advantages such as flexible hours or remote work, and above average wages mean it is not surprising that more and more young people choose this line of work.

It remains the least competitive sector by far. Computer and telecommunications experts are the most sought after in the market, so much so that a candidate usually competes on average with just 11 people for a job, four times less than the median, according to Infojobs.

In addition, these professionals are not only sought after in technology companies, but also in companies from other sectors that need these professional profiles to help drive their digital transformation.

The European Union foresees that almost 900,000 technological jobs will be created by 2020, and stresses that the growth of the Spanish and European economy depends on development and training in the Science and Technology sectors.

But how can you land your dream job? Here is our advice on how to start a successful carreer in the technology sector:

➡️ Choose your specialty

To join an emerging sector, choosing  which areas you would like to specialize in will help you to define your professional career and differentiate yourself from others. Check out this Most Wanted list, of profiles needed in the technology sector from Infojobs:

  • IT architects
  • Programmers
  • Analysts
  • Cybersecurity and Hacking Consultants
  • Specialists in Agile, Scrum or UX
  • Mobile app programmers
  • Big Data developers
  • Robotics specialists

The demand for these specialistis is very high, and because companies usually have difficulty filling these vacancies, they are well paid.

➡️ Never stop learning

Whether you are still a student or already have several years experience, learning will become your greatest ally. It is inevitable for employees to need to continue learnnig to keep up to speed with a sector that is in constant change, and it is a good idea to expand your knowledge according to company’s needs. 

As well as demonstrating your knowledge and skills, it is important to show your eagerness to learn and adapt to the preferences of the company that will hire you. In this way, you highlight your strengths, without limiting your possibilities for growth, fostering a culture of personal and professional growth.

➡️ Have an interest in the company and in the sector

One of the most important qualities in a candidate is a passion for the job that they will carry out. It is important that you understand your responsibilities and are excited about the role you will be given. Knowing the sector and being able to share ideas about how a company can innovative and keep ahead of industry trends, will help you stand out as a candidate.

With the high demand for technological profiles, candidates have the advantage of being able to choose the company with which they identify the most. Salary is important, but feeling fulfilled by your daily tasks is essential. Well-being at work is key and for the company happy workers will translate into positive results. To retain talent, companies know they have to offer attractive advantages such as work-family reconciliation, flexible hours, remote work, equal opportunities, horizontal communication, and modern facilities, as is the case in Teralco Group, helping to create a pleasant, collaborative and fun work environment.

➡️ Be independent … and work as a team

Nowadays, companies want their employees to be entrepreneurs, or at least to have that mindset. They want to hire people who take charge of projects, who are creative, and can work in an environment at an accelerated pace. However, don’t lose sight of the importance of teamwork. Just because you can doesn’t mean you should always do things on your own, and many companies attribute their most creative ideas to collaboration and feedback.

The ideal candidate should be comfortable being a leader, and understand the value of collaboration, since everyone has experience to learn from.

➡️ Show cross-cutting skills

It’s usual within a company for different teams to work closely with each other. That is why companies value candidates capable of collaborating in multifunctional teams, with people from totally different areas than their own. For example developers who undestand business insights, or someone who can express their point of view to a variety of audiences.

Highlighting soft skills, such as decision-making, adaptability and communication, can differentiate a candidate from the rest.

An added value is not only being able to collaborate with a multidisciplinary team, but knowing how to think like others to ease the flow of ideas and work towards the company’s global objectives.

➡️ Have your sights set on the future

Companies are looking for result-oriented individuals. A committed employee, who knows how they want to develop professionally in the coming years, helps the company know where they fit in, enabling faster professional growth.

Answering the question «Where do you see yourself in five years?» is complicated. But if a candidate can explain why they identify with a vacancy or the reason why they have decided to specialize in a certain technology, their application will be much stronger.

The perfect candidate has their sights set on the future and knows that their current work is the right step to achieve their goals.

Technological jobs are booming, and companies today are looking for people who are not only masters of their trade, but who are passionate about their work and their company. Teralco Group is a benchmark company in technological development, that drives the digital transformation of companies by providing tailor-made solutions and creating competitive advantages based on the innovation and technical excellence of an expert team.

If you want to work in an innovative, professional and flexible environment, and surround yourself with leading professionals, we want to meet you! Whether you have just graduated or have years of experience, get in touch with us or send your CV to

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