real estate software

Differentiate yourself from the competition
Keep track of your potential client, improve sales processes and visualize the data and make intelligent decisions that can boost your business and make it grow digitally.

Real estate software for companies

Keep your business up to date, rely on the experience of a technology company with more than 20 years of experience applying Innovative solutions for more efficient management. Enhances sales opportunities and connects with the needs of digitized customers with the digital transformation of the real estate sector and construction.

It is time to digitally evolve the real estate and construction sector

Close more contacts

Your sales team will be able to identify and classify leads faster and more accurately.

Improve confidence

Use augmented reality tools to increase retention.

Increase opportunities

Get a complete view of the customer to identify sales opportunities.

Do not hesitate, innovate

Continuously adapt to the market by developing new technological products and services.

Improve the experience

Personalize the client's offer with greater proximity, digitization and immediacy.

Automate processes

Eliminate manual and repetitive tasks, improving efficiency and reducing costs.

Analyze and optimize

Use dashboards for a real-time view, with the ability to generate detailed reports instantly.

Agile decision making

Reduces marketing, facilitates the purchase decision making and speeds up the process.

You have many ideas in mind, but you don't know where to start: Digital transformation consulting

We help you in the complete process of digital transformation in the real estate and construction sector, to optimize costs, times and decisions.

New technologies are revolutionizing the way of developing traditional business strategies and plans, adapting to the demands of a increasingly connected buyer.

Digital transformation brings greater profitability to the real estate sector.

Online buying and selling has led to a disintermediation, with hyperconnected users that manage the visits of interested customers and set prices and offers anywhere from any device.

92% of buyers use the Internet to begin the search for your future home, so online presence, ads on web portals, and social networks are key to competing in the real estate sector.

The vast amount of information collected can be managed with CRM technology that integrates with the main real estate portals, offering access to all information from anywhere, to close more sales and identify new opportunities.

At Teralco Group, with our service of business digital transformation consultancy, we open new horizons in the digital age by providing innovative solutions to traditional problems.

Automate repetitive processes, optimize time and invest human talent more efficiently

Projects that guarantee our success in the Real Estate and Construction sectors

Obtaining a global marketing performance panel by applying attribution models and generating a data layer that facilitates decision making.
Custom development of your new real estate portal website with a public part for clients and a private part for administrators and partners.
Digital optimization of the management process of new tenders for the execution of internal contracts.
We model the entire customer and sales lifecycle, from blueprint to execution, for detailed analysis to improve ROI.

Real estate software refers to computer applications designed to optimize and manage the operations related to the supply chain and logistics of a company. These tools are used to efficiently coordinate and control the flow of products, materials and information from the point of origin to the point of consumption. 

Inventory management

Logistics software helps companies manage and control their inventory more efficiently. Provides real-time information on the number of products available, their location and status, allowing for tracking and
more accurate planning.

Warehouse management

These applications help monitor and manage warehouse operations. They include functionalities such as the management of storage locations, the receipt and dispatch of products, the management of picking and packing orders, and the control of
inventory in real time.

Optimization of routes and transport

Logistics software allows you to optimize transportation routes to minimize costs and delivery times. It uses advanced algorithms to calculate the best routes, considering factors such as distance, traffic, load restrictions, and customer preferences.

Track and trace shipments

These tools allow real-time tracking of shipments throughout the entire supply chain. They use technologies such as barcodes, RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) and GPS to track and locate products, providing real-time visibility and traceability.

Orders management

Logistics software makes it easy to manage orders, from initial capture to final delivery. It allows the automation of processes such as order entry, inventory allocation, billing management and sending notifications to the client.

System integration

These applications integrate with other business systems, such as enterprise management systems (ERP), manufacturing resource planning (MRP) systems, and customer relationship management (CRM) systems. This allows greater efficiency and synchronization in logistics operations, by sharing data and processes between different areas of the company.

Analysis and reports

Logistics software provides analysis and reporting capabilities to assess logistics performance. It allows you to perform data analysis, such as monitoring compliance with delivery deadlines, calculating key performance metrics (KPIs), and identifying areas for improvement.

It is important to note that logistics software can be tailored to different industries and specific needs. It can be used by transport and logistics companies, manufacturers, e-commerce and many other organizations that require efficient supply chain management.