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Prevention is better than cure
Evolving digitally in this sector allows us to provide better patient care and better team management, optimizing resources and taking advantage of our business data to continue improving.

Our healthcare software

Apply custom solutionss y smart platforms to carry out the materialization of your ideas by the hand of an expert team with more than 20 years in the technology sector. Improves efficiency and offers higher value the patient thanks to our healthcare software and innovation in digital transformation in the healthcare sector.

Boosting Success in Healthcare Software

In the changing healthcare world, agility, efficiency and customer experience are critical factors for success. At Teralco, we are committed to providing healthcare software solutions that help hospitals transform their operations and deliver an exceptional experience. Our expertise in hospital healthcare software technology translates into solutions designed specifically for the unique needs of this ever-evolving healthcare sector.

Let yourself be carried away by digital evolution

Increases closeness

Communication is more direct between doctor and patient, personalizing and increasing communication channels.

detect diseases

Early detection of diseases is enhanced thanks to data analysis technologies.

Improve tracking

It allows continuous control of the state of progress of the disease, and the quality of patient care increases.

Simulate and monitor tasks

Simulate dangerous tasks, anticipate the use of complex machinery, and monitor errors quickly and effectively.

New posts

It generates new jobs for innovation, research and development of technological solutions in health.

equitable healthcare

It promotes equitable and global health thanks to the universal access of people through the Internet.

Improve accessibility

With cloud technologies, the history of each patient is available to any professional in real time.

Increased efficiency and organizational flexibility

Define and automate intelligent processes for a more efficient and organized management.

Healthcare software consulting
to achieve guided goals
by expert professionals

We help you in the complete process of digital transformation in health, to redefine traditional business models, innovate, and optimize costs, times, and decisions to boost the process of digital transformation in the healthcare sector.

The rise of technology and the Internet has facilitated the incorporation into daily life of great innovations. The health sector benefits from these advances and the advantages of e-health There are multiple ones, which we integrate into our healthcare software.

technology means minimize the distance between the patient and the professional, and to have greater control over the state of health; and provides advantages to the management of health services such as the automation of processes or CRM services for effective patient and employee management.

With our healthcare software we provide innovative solutions to traditional problems, opening new horizons, discover our consulting services for digital transformation in companies.

Automation of repetitive processes
to optimize the time and invest the
human talent more efficiently

Projects that guarantee our success in hospitals and medical centers

Development and implementation of Datalake for the exploitation and enrichment of commercial and customer information
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Another Sunset
Business analysis in real time. Implementation of CRM in the Customer Information and Analysis Division.
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Application for the management of public consultation of both health services and general contracting.
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Modifications to classify and catalog documents to be consulted and downloaded by agents.
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Healthcare software, also known as medical software or health software, refers to computer applications and systems designed specifically for the field of health and medical care. These tools are intended to facilitate the management of
medical information, improve the efficiency of clinical and administrative processes, and improve the quality of medical care in general.

Here are some key information about healthcare software:

Electronic Health Records (EHR)

Healthcare software includes EHR systems, which enable electronic storage and access to patients' medical records. These apps replace paper records, facilitating quick and secure access to relevant clinical information such as diagnoses, treatments, prescriptions, allergies, and test results.

Appointment management and scheduling

These tools allow efficient management of medical appointments and schedules. Patients can request appointments online, and doctors and administrative staff can schedule and coordinate appointments effectively, avoiding conflicts and optimizing the schedule.

electronic prescription

Healthcare software includes electronic prescription systems that allow physicians to generate and submit medical prescriptions electronically. This improves the accuracy, readability and security of prescriptions, as well as facilitating communication with pharmacies.

Laboratory information systems

These applications are used to manage and analyze laboratory data such as test results and clinical analyses. Clinicians can access results quickly and securely, facilitating evidence-based clinical decision-making.

medical imaging

Healthcare software includes medical image management systems, which allow you to store, view and analyze medical images such as x-rays, computed tomography (CT) scans, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and ultrasound scans. These systems facilitate access to diagnostic images, their comparison, and collaboration between health professionals.

Billing and insurance management

These tools help in managing billing and medical claims. They allow you to generate invoices, manage payments, process insurance claims and facilitate communication with insurance companies.

Telemedicine and digital health

Healthcare software is driving the adoption of telemedicine and digital health. These solutions enable the delivery of remote healthcare services, such as virtual medical consultations, remote patient monitoring, and remote care programs.

Regulatory compliance and security

Healthcare software must comply with health information privacy and security requirements, such as compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) in the United States. These systems implement security measures to protect the confidentiality of medical data and ensure authorized access.

It is important to note that healthcare software may vary depending on the needs and requirements of each medical institution. Some systems are more suitable.

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