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Automate processes to evolve in industry
Evolving digitally is essential to improve human processes and achieve better results in the industrial sector.

Industrial software for companies

In a constantly evolving business world, the industry faces increasingly complex and demanding challenges. For industrial companies, the operating efficiency, productivity and quality They are essential. In this context, the implementation of industrial software solutions has become a crucial element to stand out in the market.

At Teralco, we are proud to be leaders in the field of industrial software. Our experience in this area allows us to offer industrial companies the necessary tools to optimize processes, take decisions informed and stay competitive in a changing business environment.

It's time to digitally evolve the industry

Optimize processes

Efficiently manage resources and define intelligent processes for a competitive advantage.

Get informed in real time

Optimize and adjust production and its costs, avoiding delays and unforeseen events that harm the company.

Connect and automate

It connects people and goods with the environment thanks to technology and the options it offers us.

Improve your security

Reduce passenger and merchandise risks thanks to process automation, smart vehicles...

Enjoy the sharing economy

Eliminate intermediaries thanks to hyperconnected users that give rise to collaborative economy models.

Improve customer experience

Personalize services, improve communication between providers and users through online platforms.

Take advantage of multimodal mobility

It integrates several forms of transport in a single offer, offering a service with more possibilities.

Improve organizational efficiency and flexibility

Increase your competitive position with predictive support and intelligent decision making for your business.

Industrial software consulting
to achieve goals guided by expert professionals

We help you in the complete process of digital transformation in the industry.

Digitalization is an unstoppable process and in the industry sector it offers innovative solutions to reduce inefficiencies and transform processes, such as our industrial software. Furthermore, process optimization provides not only an increase in income, but also a positive environmental impact.

The new information society requires an increasing volume of transport of people and goods. Artificial intelligence, big data and robotics have the ability to implement new technological developments that will transform the operation of the sector.

We open new horizons by providing innovative solutions to traditional problems with our industrial software. Discover our service advisory digital transformation for companies.

Automation of repetitive processes
to optimize the time and invest the
human talent more efficiently

Benefits of Our Industrial Software Solutions

advanced automation

We can automate a wide range of tasks, from real-time data collection to supply chain management and production planning. This reduces manual workload and minimizes errors.

Optimization of processes

Through advanced data analysis, we can identify areas of improvement in your industrial processes and provide you with recommendations to optimize the efficiency and quality of your industrial company.

Asset Management

Our industrial software development capability also specializes in asset management, helping you monitor, maintain and optimize your resources effectively. You will be able to have dashboards where you can have key information.

Data Driven Decisions

Informed decision making is essential in the industry. Our platform provides real-time analytics and detailed reporting to support strategic decisions.

Projects that support our success with industrial software

Digital optimization of the management process of new tenders for the execution of internal contracts.
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Implementation of CRM in the commercial division to optimize sales that allows real-time business analysis.
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Analytical support for the customer intelligence area thanks to data analysis for the development of Machine Learning models,
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Improvement of your Repsol Waylet App to make any payment at service stations.
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Industrial software, also known as industrial automation software or control software, refers to computer applications and systems used in the field of industry and manufacturing.

Here is an overview of the key aspects of industrial software:

Process control

Industrial software is used to control and monitor production processes in industrial environments. This includes the management and control of machinery, equipment and systems to ensure the efficient and safe operation of the plant.

Supervision and data acquisition systems (SCADA)

SCADA systems allow real-time monitoring and control of industrial devices and processes. These systems collect data from sensors and other devices, and provide a graphical interface to view and control the relevant information.

Automation and control

Industrial software is used to automate and control equipment and systems in industry. This can include control logic programming, alarm configuration, event management, task sequencing, and process optimization.

Asset Management

They help manage and maintain the plant's physical assets, such as machinery, equipment, and systems. This includes preventive maintenance scheduling, asset performance tracking, quality control, and spare parts and materials management.

System integration

It allows the integration of different systems and devices used in the industry, such as sensors, controllers, PLCs (Programmable Logic Controllers) and other equipment. This guarantees effective communication and coordination between the different components of the plant.

Simulation and modeling

They allow the simulation and modeling of industrial processes and systems. This helps engineers and operators understand systems behavior, evaluate what-if scenarios, and optimize performance.
before implementing plant changes.

Security and cybersecurity

Since the industry is based on critical systems, software must take security and cybersecurity into account. Measures are implemented to protect industrial systems from external threats and guarantee the confidentiality, integrity and availability of industrial data and processes.

Interface (HMI)

Industrial software provides human-machine interfaces that allow operators to interact with systems and view critical information. These interfaces are often intuitive and customizable, offering alarms, graphs, trends, and dashboards to make it easy to monitor and control processes.

In short, industrial software is used in industry and manufacturing to control, monitor, and optimize processes and systems. It includes functions such as process control, SCADA systems, automation and control, asset management, systems integration, simulation and modeling, security and cybersecurity, and human-machine interfaces. Its objective is to improve efficiency, safety and productivity in the industrial environment. 

At Teralco, we believe that adopting industrial software solutions is the key to staying ahead in the industry. Our commitment is to provide your company with the necessary tools to face current challenges and prepare for a constantly evolving industrial future.

If you're ready to take your industrial business to the next level and take full advantage of the benefits of industrial software technology, contact us today! Together, we can drive innovation and efficiency in your industry.