Teralco Lab

We create innovative products
We seek to surprise society by providing them with products that improve their quality of life and that of the environment.
We bet on entrepreneurs
We give you the opportunity to contribute ideas to our laboratory in order to make them come true.
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Teralc | Technological consulting - Digital transformation for companies

We are a laboratory of ideas within the Teralco Group where a great team of professionals come together to create innovative and sustainable projects.

Make an entrepreneurial idea come true

Teralco Lab is a project shuttle, an ideas mailbox where you can contribute the initiative that you want to make a reality to develop it.

Participate in an initiative open to collaborators

We are open to collaborations with anyone who wants to mobilize initiatives for new projects and who have a similar philosophy to us.

Scale a project with the economic injection of subsidies

Being part of a large technology company, such as Teralco Group, allows us to have an area specialized in grants and aid that provides great support for the development of new projects.

Working with us for a more sustainable future for all

We firmly support a fairer future and we provide the tools at our disposal to transform it. This is possible thanks to responsible, committed and sustainable projects.

We promote responsible projects with the objectives and goals of sustainable development

Application based on geolocation with the aim of reducing crime on public roads.

These are the sustainable development goals that move us

We want to change things hand in hand with technology and this is only possible through alliances with companies that have the same goal as us, to have a more sustainable world.

Here we leave you a link where you can find more information about the SDGs

Do you have an idea?
Tell us about it! Write us a message in the form and express in detail that project that you want to make a reality.

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